Here you find all the info about the game of polo, the polosport and the poloshop.

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It takes several years to become a good polo player.
Roughly there are 6 steps to take.

Step 1
is to control your horse
Step 2
is to hit the ball
Step 3
is to know the rules on the polofield
Step 4
is to be aware of your own  position on the polofield
Step 5
is to be aware of the other poloplayers positions on the field
Step 6
is to implement tactics and strategy in the pologame

If you want to start playing Polo, we can offer you the following possibility:

This Polo Lesson starts with talking about the game of polo, riding polo horses and hitting the ball (around 15 minutes). Then you go on the polohorse to the polofield (or arena) under the guidance of a poloplayer, who gives you riding and hitting instructions (maximum 45 minutes on the horse). The polo lesson takes around one hour.

Costs: -First Polo lesson takes 1,5 hour and costst E 150,- .
            -Next Polo lessons are 1 hour and costs E 100,- .

Note:  -Riding experience is preferred.

For pololessons on:

    -Polo Club Vreeland (near Hilversum) contact Jim Souren (06*26090393 /
    -Polo Club Wassenaar contact Aki van Andel (06*24911387 /
    -Polo Club Midden-Nederland (near Putten) contact Brenda de Boer (06*53366379 /


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